Features & Facilities


Facilities Available:-

We have provided computer lab for carrying computer education while internet access in computer lab is provided to student for searching educational data, latest discoveries, ongoing activities in world, read educational blogs etc. Through internet we aim at development of student by using open source knowledge available online.

All necessary educational books for selected course are available at library in order to provide student with large information source that can help them in self learning and clearing their concepts about subjects.

Personal locker is provided to every student who want to keep his/her utilities in safe zone at college. Use of locker will enables them to keep their important things like mobile, money, books etc. in it.

Large play ground is provided for playing games, performing exercise and sometimes can also be used for celebrating college functions.

In power cut conditions electricity can be provided to institute through 7.5 mw generator who is capable of carrying all power load institute.

Outdoor (Football, Cricket, Kabbaddi  & Holly boll) & Indoor (Carom, Computer Game) game facility.